Can You See Me Now?

Inbound Logistics highlights Elemica’s QuickLink Email in article on striving to end-to-end visibility

Greater supply chain visibility provides more certainty when organizations must match supply to demand. That can improve buying decisions as well as labor and transportation planning. It also can reduce the need for safety stock. New technologies including blockchain and IoT, as well as advances in existing tools such as RFID, are helping companies gain greater supply chain visibility.  Inbound Logistics’ article explores technology available and real world use cases.  Inbound highlights Elemica QuickLink Email solution available for the products you Buy, Sell, and Move through the global supply chain:

Almost every company today, however, uses email. Elemica, which features a digital supply network of companies and their suppliers, customers, and logistics providers, offers a solution that enables “transactional emails” that provide visibility to the underlying transaction.

The email is not simply an image, but contains the logic of, for instance, the prices and number of units indicated on a purchase order. The emails are automatically integrated within the buyer’s ERP system. Because they’re not compiling information from static emails, companies have greater visibility to their transactions.

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