American Aerospace and Defense Summit

11 – 12 of December, 2019
Glendale, AZ

The American Aerospace & Defense Summit serves as an annual platform to provide executives with insights on how to attract and retain top talent, and how to develop and implement a successful offset strategy in an ever changing market. in the American aerospace industry. More than 150 industry peers delve into strategies to optimize manufacturing and R&D in American aerospace and defense; drive innovation in a competitive landscape, maximize supplier relationships, mitigate costs, identify growth opportunities and build quality throughout your system.

Elemica will host a Breakfast Brief entitled: Building a QUALITY Supply Chain – American Aerospace and Defense Summit.  A synopsis of the session is below.

The challenges of developing and executing a new quality focused IT solution in the aerospace and defense industry are numerous. Complying with the constantly evolving regulatory standards such as AS 9100 requires you to remain vigilant and proactive. Balancing the cost of quality issues with the challenge of meeting regulatory compliance standards remains difficult to achieve in an increasingly competitive global economic environment.

Utilizing solutions like Elemica’s Quality supply chain quality management tools allow you to oversee incoming quality and regulatory compliance in a complex multi-tier supply chain. Better manage direct suppliers, contract manufacturers and distributors by automating many quality focused paper and email based processes. Multi-tier supply chain data collection automates the creation of end-of manufacturing reports with complete product genealogy and related quality data. Integrated COA and lab test statistical analysis tracks supply chain quality ensuring parts and other products are made to specification with minimal variation. Finished product validation confirms all parts were made and tested based on your customers approved requirements.


Elemica is a sponsor, exhibitor and host of a breakfast briefing.  Visit us at BOOTH 31 to learn more about our Transformative Solutions!


When: Wednesday, December 11
Where: Renaissance Glendale Hotel & Spa, Glendale, AZ