A Day in the Life of a Customer Service Rep

I start my day around 6:00 AM with a 3-mile run.  Then I take a shower, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, and get dressed for work. I make my short commute to work, stopping for coffee along the way, and begin my day in the office as a Customer Service Rep (CSR) for a major process manufacturing company.

I log into my computer, read emails from overnight, then all heck breaks loose. Customers begin to barrage me with:

“Where’s my order? Why isn’t it here yet?”

“You promised delivery yesterday and my production facility is sitting idle while we wait for the materials. What is going on?”

“My order came but was short two products. When will they arrive?”


“I’d like to place an order for 100 lbs. of chlorine.”

“And another customer wants to order ammonia.”

“And another customer wants to order sodium sulfide.”

To find the answers to the questions of delivery status and to better understand why an error occurred I need to access about 10 different customers’ portals.

When a customer orders material from us, I have to access their portal, then re-key the order into our ERP system. This happens for every different customer. And I get hundreds of orders or questions a day.

If only the systems were integrated, my day would be much smoother, and I could handle more customers.

Elemica has come to my rescue with the Elemica Customer Portal Assistant (CPA).

By connecting once to the Elemica Network and using the CPA, my company automatically has back-end ERP integration and access to the complete Ariba, Basware, Tungsten or customer-specific portal network of my customers. CPA allows me to access ALL my customers sending their purchase orders from the leading customer hubs with complete integration to my ERP customer order entry system. No more re-keying these purchase orders into my ERP system as customer orders. That is a huge saving of my time, reduces my training needs, and helps to eliminate errors.

Plus, because my business uses the Elemica Digital Supply Network, all orders and their status are automatically communicated with the customers through the Elemica Network in a bi-directional mode, allowing for change orders, advanced shipping notices, confirmations, and invoices. I can quickly tell my customers what is happening with their orders.

My day is looking better and brighter now thanks to the Elemica Customer Portal Assistant.

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