2019 Global Trade Management Guide

Inbound Logistics Magazine lists leading vendors in the Global Trade Management Solutions market

Inbound Logistics 2019 Global Trade Management Guide (GTM) is now online. This guide recognizes leading vendors in the sector including product descriptions and functionalities. According to Inbound Logistics Magazine:

GTM systems connect sourcing and logistics to make global trade transparent, efficient, and as cost-effective as possible. They work to mitigate the risk of failing to comply with trade restrictions by offering a number of tools that manage documentation and customs clearance and facilitate collaboration among trading partners for end-to-end efficiency. From resource planning and transportation management to analytics and reporting, these solutions can help take some stress out of managing your global supply chain.”

The guide lists Elemica and the Elemica QuickLink Email Buy solution.  Elemica QuickLink Email Buy allows businesses to integrate suppliers into their process network without requiring suppliers to have integration software.  It automatically converts electronic purchase orders to email and routes them to suppliers. The Elemica QuickLink Email Buy solution supports end-to-end transaction processing, giving full visibility to orders.

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